Which VPS We Can Use And Why?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. But do you know what are the benefits of the virtual private server or VPS Hosting? Let me discuss the 3 reasons to use VPS hosting:

  1. Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is faster than Shared Hosting.
  2. The RAM & the CPU is available much more than Shared Hosting.
  3. Your Search Result rank will be 3 times fast. Because your website will be loaded very fast.

Hi, I'm Rabia Khatun, a professional 'Mautic Email Automation System' and Web Developer since 2016. I'm using Contabo VPS since 2020. Yes, it's more than good as my user experience. Now let's talk about them-

Contabo Ratings (17th February 2021) 

source: contabo.com

Contabo has been completed for 17 years with honesty in business. They have 90k+ Customers in over 180 countries. Contabo hosted 1.5 Million+ servers in 4 data centers, which impressed me to write this review.

Contabo Pricing

Contabo is one of the cheapest VPS providers I know. They are located in Germany and the quality of VPS is the best. You can compare contabo & digital ocean pricing below the link:
I've talked with the contabo customer's support team many times. They are very good and friendly. For all of our security reason, they only allow some specific document. For example, they don't allow pdf files but they allow jpg images.


Contabo Customer's support & data centers have been received multiple awards for good performance.


Why Contabo VPS Hosting is Customers Friendly?

A.DDoS Protection Included: Great! It will protect you from DDoS attacks.
B.No Extra Fees For Transfer: It will save money.
C.1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Network Included: Enjoy it.
D.Snapshot Technology Included: Enjoy it.
E.VNC Access Included: Is'nt it great?
F.OS Reinstall and Reboot Through Web Interface: Let's try it!
G.DNS Management Through Web Interface: Let's try it!
H.One-click Upgrades Through Web Interface: Let's try it!
I.Uptime Monitoring Available: Great!
J.Domains and SSL Certificates Available: Wow!
K.Additional IPs Available: Yes, it's awesome!
L.Additional Backup Space Available: Let's upload content without any hesitation.

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